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Cabernet Merlot ~ Peller Estates

A classic blend of Merlot (48%), Cabernet Franc (27%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (25%). Medium-bodied and very approachable with soft tannins. Fruit-forward flavours of plum, cherry and blackberry are accented by notes of spice and oak with more juicy berries on the finish. (Niagara, Canada)
$7.00 (6 oz glass)
$9.00 (9 oz glass) • $17.00 half litre • $27.00 litre

Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Cupcake Vineyards

Rich and creamy with aromas of ripe red fruits, with hints of coffee, mocha and spice (Central Coast, California, USA)
$9.00 (6 oz glass) - $13.00 (9 oz glass) - $35.00 Bottle

Shiraz ~ Six Rows

Deep plum with purple hue. The nose reveals a vibrant bouquet of spices, fruitcake and raspberries. The palate is ripe and rich featuring blackberries, plum, spices and subtle oak flavours. (South Australia)
$8.50 (6 oz glass) • $12.50 (9 oz glass) • $35.00 Bottle

Malbec ~ Graffigna

Deep red with purple hues. Complex dark berry aromas highlighted with delicate black pepper and toasted notes. Well-integrated tannins, round velvety body and a long, persistent finish. (Argentina)
$9.00 (6 oz glass) • $12.00 (9 oz glass) • $32.00 Bottle

Bordeaux ~ Chateau Courteillac

Ruby red colour, light red currant aroma with a touch of vanilla and spice, dry, light-medium body, ripe currant and plum flavours well balanced with soft tannin finish. (France)
$8.50 (6 oz glass) • $12.50 (9 oz glass) • $35.00 Bottle


All cocktails 1.5 oz pour

A Kick in the Crotch

Vodka, blue Curaçao, cranberry. $6.95


Greg's good time: Seagram's rye, triple sec, bar lime, splash of Sprite. $6.95

G Breeze

Diane's favorite gin, cranberry juice, pineapple juice. $6.95

Ginger Berry

Raspberry vodka and ginger ale. $7.95

Fuzzy Navel

Peach schnapps and orange juice. $7.95

Barbie Doll

Malibu rum, raspberry sour puss, pineapple juice, splash of Sprite. $7.95

Trisha's Pimm's

Pimm's liquor, ginger ale, mint leaves, cucumber garnish. $6.95

Toni's Tropic-Ini

Absolut Citron, triple sec, peach schnapps and a splash of pineapple juice. $7.95

Sam's Alabama Slammer

Southern Comfort, amaretto, orange juice and grenadine to garnish. $7.95


Chardonnay ~ Peller Estates

An easy drinking, smooth white wine with tropical fruit flavours and a hint of toasty oak. (Niagara, Canada)
$7.00 (6 oz glass)
$9.50 (9 oz glass) • $17.00 half litre • $27.00 litre

Rosé ~ French Cross by Peller Estates

A light-bodied wine with sweet strawberry on the palate and a refreshingly crisp finish. (Niagara, Canada)
$6.50 (6 oz glass)
$9.50 (9 oz glass) • $17.00 half litre • $27.00 Bottle

Riesling ~ Peller Estates

A medium bodied dry wine soft easy drinking with fruity flavours on the palate are followed by a refreshing citrus finish that goes well with chicken, seafood and creamy pastas. (Niagara, Canada)
$7.00 (6 oz glass) • $9.50 (9 oz glass) • $32.00 Bottle

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc ~ Cupcake Vineyards

Flavours of Meyer lemons and Key limes integrate with hints of grapefruit, gooseberry and citrus, culminating in a long, creamy finish. (Marlborough, New Zealand)
$9.00 (6 oz glass) • $13.00 (9 oz glass) • $35.00 Bottle

Pinot Grigio ~ Poggio Bracco

This is a light, dry and bright wine, refreshing, with fine delicate acacia flower, citrus and nutty aromas. The palate follows through with light citrus and hazelnut overtones. (Italy)
$8.00 (6 oz glass) • $12.00 (9 oz glass) • $32.00 Bottle

Squire's Sangria

A fruity blend of red or white house wine, assorted fruit, Chambord, triple sec, cherry brandy, and a spritz of Sprite.
$7.95 (16 oz glass) • $14.95 Pitcher (32 oz)


All martinis 1.5 oz pour

Badass Girl

Mandarin vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice. $7.95

Berry Berry

Raspberry vodka, Chambord, cranberry juice. $7.95

Blue Hawaiian

Blueberry vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice, grenadine. $7.95

Damsel in Distress

Citrus vodka, coconut rum, orange juice, splash of sweet & sour. $7.95

El Niño

Vodka, peach schnapps, blue Curaçao, pineapple juice, orange juice. $7.95


Melon liqueur, coconut rum, pineapple juice. $7.95


Mandarin vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, splash of sweet & sour. $7.95

Kamikazi Cosmo

Vodka, triple sec, peach schnapps, bar lime, cranberry juice. $7.95


All specialty coffee 1.5 oz $6.99

Up Yer Kilt

Drambuie and Kahlúa

Monte Cristo

Grand Marnier and Kahlúa

Spanish Coffee

Brandy and Kahlúa

Baileys Coffee

Baileys Original Irish Cream

Funky Monkey

Kahlúa and banana liqueur mixed with hot chocolate

Blueberry Tea

Grand Marnier and amaretto with hot tea


Kahlúa, Baileys and Grand Marnier



Smirnoff Ice
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Mike's Hard Cranberry



Coors Light
Old Vienna
Miller Genuine Draft
Rickard's Red
Belgian Moon
Creemore Springs Lager


Coors Light
Bud Light
Old Vienna
Canadian 67
Molson Export
Miller Genuine Draft
Alexander Keith's

Tall Cans

Coors Light
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